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Hey Everybody! Welcome to Shifty's Club!


This Website is currently in the making, but pieces are going live ASAP for your convience! Here is where you will soon find updated information as soon as I get it. This will include TCG and VG new releases, strategies, tournament results, and much more. The About Me section will soon tell you what you need to know about myself as the Website creator. The Trading Card Game section is basically everything you need to know about all of the Pokémon TCG sets, decks, strategies, and my TCGO trade chart (which is equivalent to ou7c4st). The Video Game section covers all video games, walkthroughs, strategy, and cheats. The PokéDex section will soon feature all of the Pokémon and their stats, moves, ability, and almost everything that you would also find on other Websites. Finally, the DCGS Online Store will soon be available to purchase Pokémon merchandise to your heart's desire. Enjoy!

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